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Use Imagination to Create a New Reality

Bob Wheeler, Marina del Rey

Your imagination can create a new reality! Now….what you say to yourself on a daily basis? Do you replay old memories of failed attempts in your imagination? Maybe it is time to use your imagination to change negative internal stories to more realistic commentary.

I did not come from an affluent family. My siblings and I often wore hand-me-down clothes, purchased second-hand cars and added water to the ketchup bottle to make it last longer! That is not to say that we were poor. Each of us had chores to do around the house and were given an allowance for completed work. We all held part-time jobs to help pay for a car, fill up the tank with gas, cover our personal spending and assist with the cost of college tuition.

We learned that completing work on time paid off. Diligence and a job well done gives a sense of accomplishment and helped me develop a skill set for achieving bolder dreams.

Review how you look at yourself and how you speak about your life. If you often say, “I really wanted to do this (fill in the blank) ______ but never did,” be curious. Curious about why you haven’t achieved those dreams that are still embedded in your soul. You still have the ability to visualize and change your internal story. Redirecting your energy will benefit your life.

Here’s an example: When I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived with family and friends as I got established. It’s expensive to buy property in LA, so I was pleased when I found a boat to call home in Marina del Rey.

One day, I was walking with a friend who kept making remarks about “those rich people who own boats.” She could not imagine what type of people would have so much money that they would buy a boat or a yacht. I told her, “People like me!” She laughed and thought I was joking. Later, as I sat on the dock of my “home,” I realized that even though we were walking side-by-side, looking at the same landscape, we were miles apart in our mindset. She saw the boats as ridiculously expensive playthings for rich people and I saw them as a fabulous alternative to LA’s high rent and taxes.

Review yourself again and expand your sense of worth. Stop all the old useless comments and memories of who you were. Consciously choose to trust yourself, leave old guilt behind, and celebrate small successes. Move confidently toward your new path and start being aware of how abundant life can be.

When you begin to look for abundance, you will be amazed at the results: mental strength from your proactive choices, gratefulness for the fullness of life, and unexpected places to find good fortune. I challenge you to look for money over the next three days. I bet you will find money lying in the street – just waiting for you to pick it up.

~ Bob

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3x3 Vacation TimeSpend Money on Experiences, not Things!

Sounds hedonistic, but spending money on experiences over things may bring you a higher level of genuine joy and longer-lasting satisfaction in life. We all have a limited amount of money to spend and want to allocate our resources for maximum results. Earning more money brings happiness – but only up to a certain point. People need a place to live, a car and food on the table, but before you buy that next new “thing,” take a moment to determine if you would be more satisfied spending money on an experience with family or friends over a new iPhone.

A new gadget or piece of technology often causes us to swell with pride in a brief moment of that “Wow” factor when showing off the new purchase. Physical products often lose their value as they become a mundane piece of your life and let’s face it – there is always something newer, better, or that has more options.

The concept of spending money on experiences over material purchases has been studied in-depth by Cornell psychology professor Thomas Gilovich. For over a decade, he has been trying to understand how and why experiential purchases are so much better than material products. Using the simple concept of conscious choice, you can create a life that is rich in its abundance by sharing experiences and connecting with the people you love.

In fact, if you have ever been at a party where you are meeting new people, it is easy to connect with someone when you realize that both of you ran the same marathon, hiked the same trail in a national park or vacationed in the same city. It doesn’t matter if they spent $10,000 and you spent $900. Both trips were equally as exciting! The shared experience bonds you as you both compare notes, relive your trip, and refresh the memories.

Summer is quickly passing, and if you have not taken the time to refresh yourself, there are still some great experiences waiting for you! Take a pass on a new car and use the one you have. Journey to a fabulous week with family or friends and make memories that will last a lifetime! Here is a great website to help you purchase an experience before the leaves begin to turn:

Remember to take time to stop and smell the roses!


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Burden of College Loan Debt

3x3 TMN CollegeLoanDebtToday’s millennial generation is striving to live the same American dream their parents achieved, but many graduates are drowning under the burden of college loan debt, saddled with a variety of loans that will take decades to pay off. Everyone agrees that higher education translates into better jobs and workforce, but at what price? Not all college graduates are reaping the perceived payoff.

What can be done to assist this emerging workforce with navigating the massive burden of debt successfully? What are some ideas for helping this generation grow their careers while building wealth instead of suffocating from enormous college loan debt?

A few companies like the El Paso-based JAR Construction, are investigating loan assistance as one of the perks of employment. The companies feel this benefit aids in decreasing stress, gives their new employees options to pay down the debt and may also assist in employee retention.

There are now several credit cards that allow its users to transfer reward points and cash-back dollars to be used for payment toward student loans. Gradifi, a Boston-based startup that helps people pay down student loans, announced its partnership with a small bank to offer the card, backed by a checking account insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Cardholders will earn 1% rewards with the Gradifi MasterCard debit card on all signature-based purchases.

Even if you are not a student and have multiple credit cards or have racked up more debt than you can handle, remember that small steps will win the bigger battle against debt. A good rule of thumb is to pay all minimum amounts due and concentrate on the lowest balance owed. Get that one account paid off, close out the account and then aim for the next one. A small success can give you the power to tackle more!

If you are looking for a way to destroy debt and find financial freedom in your life, be sure to explore “The Money Boom” workshop. My colleagues, David Auten and John Schneider (aka the DebtFreeGuys) and I will be hosting this one-day seminar on Saturday, August 6, in Denver, CO. You will be given proven techniques and tools to lay the foundation for living a life of abundance and security. Let us help you drop your debt!

Learn More Here:


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YOUR MONEY: Real or an Illusion?

Your MoneyYour Money: Real or an Illusion?
Financial assumptions often lead to a “make-believe” sense of money, creating unexpected results. Take a quick self-examination of your income and expenditures at the halfway point of the year. This quick peek can lead to a leaner, more organized plan for all those pesky dollars bills lined up and ready to skydive out of your wallet!

Pencil in thirty minutes to review your 2016 plans. Compare your projected results with reality. The key to success is setting expectations, reviewing the results and being flexible enough to make adjustments. You may not be exactly where you projected yourself. Now you have the opportunity to make targeted changes with your money. Realign your initial plan to keep the focus on your primary goals.

Another strategy to get ahead financially and help you maintain your course: always lower your income numbers and raise your estimate of expenses. This “money-method” gives you a cushion for the realities of your incoming and outgoing cash.

Most people make the assumption that reviewing a budget means cutting away all of the fun stuff in their life. Not necessarily! It is just as important to come up with additional streams of revenue or find a way to increase your current paycheck. Be open to the possibility that you can create new pathways for increasing the money you bring in! You will be surprised at how much these smaller dollar streams can add up over time!

That said, July is the perfect month to review your budget, create an IRA for your future or increase your contributions into your retirement fund. An IRA can be a tax-deferred account where the money goes directly into the IRA before taxes; resulting in a lower income reported and lowering your taxes. Another option is the Roth IRA where the money is deposited after paying taxes on it, making this a tax-free resource in later years. By setting up either one of these accounts, you are now saving with every paycheck you receive. If you employer has a matching funds program; take advantage of it!

Here are a few links to begin Investing in You!

Best Roth IRA Accounts: 2016 Top Picks

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