Forget those “pie in the sky” resolutions that are too ambitious to keep and are quickly forgotten as the holidays fade into the fullness of today’s activities.

Instead, make a lifestyle change with small daily habits to bring about the change you desire. Focus inward and face your deepest anxieties. What scares you the most when thinking about money? Losing your house? Not having enough money saved to send your children to college? Are you terrified that your old car will break down, and you will be late to work – again? You might lose your job without transportation.

Who knows? You might win the Lottery today & this flash of good luck would take care of everything! Good Luck with that! You have a better chance of flying to Mars before winning today’s big pot of money.

STOP! Write down your fears. Determine what you are most afraid of and prioritize your concerns. You can make small changes in your life to battle the fear. By writing down your concerns and defining what keeps you awake at night, you can now write down a small “to-do” list to conquer financial obstacles. You will find that nebulous, nagging fear that has been keeping your stomach tied up in knots will begin to shrink. Often, our fear of the FEAR can be debilitating, but as we define and face our nightmares, an amazing thing happens. The worry begins to dissipate; you gain confidence, and your emotions become easier to manage. By creating this focused daily mindset, instead of grandiose resolutions, you can achieve small, tiny victories, in a weekly or monthly fashion.

As your confidence builds, you can begin to target other goals in your life. You are creating a life of intention, making conscious choices each day, crafting the life that you dared to dream, day by day. And that my friends, is what I call #ProactiveAbundance!

What a wonderful gift to give to yourself!
Best Wishes & Happy New Year.