Is that you? We see big box stores going under on TV. We hear the stock market is taking a dive on the morning news and as we sit down to pay our bills; there is more month than money. How do people get ahead?

It is easy to despair and let your emotions run rampant. In fact, many of the decisions you make about your finances are often driven by emotional impulses or by past emotional input you received growing up.

If you feel hopeless, feel like you will never get ahead or can’t seem to make your monthly bills because of careless mistakes or out-of-control purchases – it is time to become aware of your “money nerve” and actively pursue another path to healthy finances.

When you make financial choices, can you honestly state why you made your decision?

What emotions trigger your desire to spend money at the mall? Are you afraid that one day you will not have enough money, so you are overspending and hoarding today? Do you always “treat” others to lunch? Why?

Maybe you feel like you are posing as a successful person and think by having the newest technology or a new car – everyone else will believe you are successful.

Stop, and take a deep breath. It is time to explore WHY you spend or save money the way you do. What are your needs and what do you want in life? It is possible to merge these two desires and live with a sense of joy and abundance. Step back for a moment and begin to make small changes by consciously choosing where to allocate your money. Being mindful of what you want NOW and what you wish for the FUTURE.

If you want to make a change, you can. If you are ready to change your mindset, I can provide a roadmap for you to find a better financial path. Sign up for my monthly newsletter, follow me on Facebook or invite me to lead a seminar on personal finance in your community. Ease that “money nerve” in your life. Helping others to find their way is incredibly powerful, and I would love to assist you with your journey!