In this episode, Bob has the pleasure of chatting with Comedy Store regular, Sam Tripoli. Comedian, writer, producer and podcaster extraordinaire, Sam has been performing for more than 20 years. Catch him on his shows ‘Zero F@#ks’ and ‘Armogeddon’ Sam Tripoli Live From The Viper Room, and co-hosting ‘Tin Foil Hat,’ and ‘Punch Drunk’ podcasts.

Bob and Sam share their war stories in the comedy world. They discuss the “new” political correctness in comedy today versus the unbiased, anything can be explored comedy of the Nineties.

Sam attributes his success in the world of comedy by being authentic and fearless. He produces his own shows and content with a focus to “Be interesting!” Sam’s philosophy is to have a unique point of view, rev up the energy to 10 and shout it out. @samtripoli