Bob Wheeler Offers Mastering the Emotions of Money, providing inspirational financial advice to young adults, families, and those considering retirement.

A graduate of Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, Bob Wheeler has multiple achievements under his belt. A certified CPA with stand-up comedy experience, he has 25 years of experience guiding clients in their emotional and financial journeys. He hosts well-known podcasts, Funny Money Talks and Money You Should Ask. As a speaker and author, Bob provides inspirational motivation for mastering emotions around money in his book entitled The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money.

Mixing playful humor with financial knowledge and personal experience, Bob Wheeler takes the edge off of  a heated topic, personal finance! He brings a calm message to those who make emotional choices and tense up at the word ‘money.’ Bob encourages people to take proactive steps to overcome their financial guilt or shame by focusing on techniques to master the emotions of money. With all of this success, this successful entrepreneur is providing an online class which focuses on mastering the emotions of money.

The Money Nerve website offers a course called Mastering the Emotions of Money, which will serve young adults, families, and those looking to retire. Most importantly, this resource is packed with 12 weekly videos and lessons, 60 daily journal questions, meditations and a tangible journal. Above all, many people struggle with emotional reactions when dealing with financial decisions, and this course offers clarity for making a change.

This course will help people reflect on what they have been taught about money, how those feelings affect decisions today, and explore what their relationship with money is today. However, even when faced with knowledge, people look for proven techniques update their money management skills. That is why the course includes a Facebook group community and continuous future support.

Those who complete Mastering the Emotions of Money course can expect to overcome fears about money and replace outdated belief systems. In other words, they will learn to have a healthy relationship with money. Secondly people will learn to create honest budgets, and develop a path to financial abundance. Once completing the course, anyone who would like continue working their financial expertise can move forward with the Graduate Track. This course extension includes a monthly group coaching call with Bob Wheeler himself, monthly interviews with guest teachers, and continued Facebook support. 

Bob Wheeler is passionate about bringing good news to those struggling with financial bondage. Though he resides in the greater Los Angeles area, Wheeler reaches people all over the U.S. through his podcasts, Funny Money and Money You Should Ask, and his book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money. His heart for people ranges from young adults to those ready to retire, and he seeks to be an example of monetary freedom so he can shed light in tough financial situations.


To learn more about Bob Wheeler or browse the website’s latest announcements and blog content, visit The Money Nerve at themoneynerve.com. For more information about online course and how to register, visit themoneynerve.com/course. Call (310) 450-8875 or email info@themoneynerve.com to contact Bob Wheeler directly.