Assess Your Money Nerve

It’s normal for your finances to fluctuate with mood swings, feelings and your environment. If you want a solid financial plan, it helps to keep emotions out of it.

Take our 3 part quiz to get a baseline understanding of your;

1. Money Emotions

2. Money Avoidance

3. Money Saving

Is it possible that the way you feel about money dictates how you manage your finances?

Your old money habits may have served you well in the past, but if it’s time to create new beliefs by discovering a fresh attitude, what we like to call, mental map. The Money Nerve Quiz is an excellent place to start.

After all, you need to know where you are – before you can set a new course for creating a healthy relationship with money.


1. Money Emotions

Is Your Money Nerve Pinched?

Did you discover that emotional responses play a larger role in your financial life than you thought? Do you avoid money choices or do you tackle fiscal obligations with gusto? Or did you confirm that you have a better handle on saving money than you previously thought or are you overspending? This self assessment is only a snapshot of your current financial beliefs. It is important to take stock of where you are right now!

Now let’s take a look at the potential for avoiding money.

How we manage our money is largely determined by what we do with those feelings

2. Money Avoidance

This quiz is not designed to shame, or blame anyone. It is offered as a tool to help you understand your feelings and attitudes regarding money. The last pivotal part of understanding your emotional response to money is saving.

Let’s take a look at your potential to save money.


3. Money Savings

Become Consciously Aware Of What Triggers Your Money Nerve

As you review how you handle money or avoid dealing with financial choices, you can use this information to begin making small changes, especially if you are not happy with your current state of life. It is a fact that we are all evolving and changing throughout our lives.

Once you explore and incorporate some of the concepts offered by The Money Nerve, you might take this quiz again later and come up with a completely different result. One of benefits of knowing where you are at emotionally regarding your finances, is that it brings great opportunity for growth and changing your financial future to help you rather than hinder you. Your mental attitude is a powerful catalyst for establishing a new focus, setting priorities and initiating compelling change in your financial life.

Join us to begin your Money Nerve journey toward proactive abundance! This single step in a new direction can easily have lasting effects on your daily habits, envisioning new goals, finding gratitude with many small “wins,” and take you far into the future with a sense of financial freedom. Thoughtful intentions and daily steps will empower you to achieve your financial peak.

Let’s have a healthy relationship with money, together!

Bob Wheeler
The Money Nerve