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It’s Your Dream, Ask For It

Intentional Life with The Money Nerve


Adding a Deadline to a Dream Creates Goals

Remember as you dream that it’s your life and your goals. Dreams have the power to become goals, and effectively change a vision into reality. Remember your vision is not your mother’s list, society’s list or your child’s list. If buying something for others or driving an expensive car is at the top of your list, try to examine why. Are you making choices based on guilt or insecurity? Or is this goal motivated byaa deeply ingrained dream that you want to accomplish? If you’re not sure, ask yourself if this choice is a result of your emotionally reactive Money Nerve and explore your intentions.

Prioritizing Your Needs

Think of what’s most important to you. What do you want and why do you want it? Once you move away from the negative emotions that pinch your Money Nerve and head toward a more giving and empowering motivation, you may find that money will become a means to an end. I am not sure whether I have ever been passionate about crunching numbers; however, I am passionate about helping other people. I assist people to manage their money effectively by being the best accountant I can be, which is also financially rewarding.

Follow Your Heart

Pursuing your passion and following your dream often results in financial rewards, especially when you set thoughtful goals. When people can achieve financial stability, I love to celebrate their success. Are you ready to celebrate your success?


You should ask for the things you want every day. Asking for help puts you in a state of mind that helps you recognize you are not alone and there is something greater than you at work. It also lets others know what is important to you. Putting yourself in that mental state allows you to be humble enough to become aware of a larger reality, and to accept help with an open heart.

Creating Small Daily Habits

Whether you get to that state by praying daily or by being inspired by Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, you unleash the power of your mind. One habit – opening yourself up to reflection or meditation, allows you to create quiet space every day. This practice results in a better alignment of your thoughts and your actions

Positive Energy

You never know how you’re affecting people with the choices you make. Money is no different. You may not be able to control when or how your money decisions are perceived, used or squandered or even paid back, but you can control what you do! Somewhere in the universe, there is a karmic piggy bank with your name on it.


Now that you know more about yourself and can identify your Money Nerve, it’s time to create clear monetary objectives.  For more positive results when planning a lifestyle change, be sure to include short-term, mid-range, and long-term financial goals. Success with smaller steps or achieving a short-range goal will boost your confidence and make the bigger steps easier to accomplish. Keep your dreams in mind as you move forward with purpose.

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The Money Nerve Unsung HeroDo you know an “unsung hero?” Someone who does good things for others without asking for praise or recognition? Often these are people who have made “things” happen or quietly prove that one person can make a difference for many.

There are many facets in life, love, finances, work, and play. As you build a life of conscious choice, you may want to incorporate an intentional celebration of the unsung heroes in your life. Or you may decide that you want to make a difference by adding your efforts to make the world a better place.

Take a moment to personally thank one of the people in your life who make a difference for you or for others. Maybe it’s a teacher, policeman, nurse or doctor, or a family member who is taking care of a loved one. Recognize the effort and impact that one person can make in the lives of others.

Here are a few ideas for showing your appreciation:

  • Give a sincere compliment to a colleague without expectations.
  • Send a thank-you note to a person you have noticed whose actions benefit others.
  • Give blood to help heal others who might be in bad health.
  • If you see a veteran dining in a restaurant, discreetly pay for his or her dinner and ask the server to tell simply say, “America thanks you.”
  • Donate to a cause one of your friends or family members is deeply involved with and let them know you appreciate their time.
  • Post a message on social media “shining a spotlight on and thanking” a person you feel is making a difference.
  • Host a lunch and honor the support team members whose work often goes unrecognized.

Discover and celebrate the heroes in your life!