Your imagination can create a new reality! Now….what you say to yourself on a daily basis? Do you replay old memories of failed attempts in your imagination? Maybe it is time to use your imagination to change negative internal stories to more realistic commentary.

I did not come from an affluent family. My siblings and I often wore hand-me-down clothes, purchased second-hand cars and added water to the ketchup bottle to make it last longer! That is not to say that we were poor. Each of us had chores to do around the house and were given an allowance for completed work. We all held part-time jobs to help pay for a car, fill up the tank with gas, cover our personal spending and assist with the cost of college tuition.

We learned that completing work on time paid off. Diligence and a job well done gives a sense of accomplishment and helped me develop a skill set for achieving bolder dreams.

Review how you look at yourself and how you speak about your life. If you often say, “I really wanted to do this (fill in the blank) ______ but never did,” be curious. Curious about why you haven’t achieved those dreams that are still embedded in your soul. You still have the ability to visualize and change your internal story. Redirecting your energy will benefit your life.

Here’s an example: When I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived with family and friends as I got established. It’s expensive to buy property in LA, so I was pleased when I found a boat to call home in Marina del Rey.

One day, I was walking with a friend who kept making remarks about “those rich people who own boats.” She could not imagine what type of people would have so much money that they would buy a boat or a yacht. I told her, “People like me!” She laughed and thought I was joking. Later, as I sat on the dock of my “home,” I realized that even though we were walking side-by-side, looking at the same landscape, we were miles apart in our mindset. She saw the boats as ridiculously expensive playthings for rich people and I saw them as a fabulous alternative to LA’s high rent and taxes.

Review yourself again and expand your sense of worth. Stop all the old useless comments and memories of who you were. Consciously choose to trust yourself, leave old guilt behind, and celebrate small successes. Move confidently toward your new path and start being aware of how abundant life can be.

When you begin to look for abundance, you will be amazed at the results: mental strength from your proactive choices, gratefulness for the fullness of life, and unexpected places to find good fortune. I challenge you to look for money over the next three days. I bet you will find money lying in the street – just waiting for you to pick it up.

~ Bob