Be the one who changes the financial story for your family

Are you where you want to be financially?

As a CPA, I often work with people who are considered to be extremely fortunate. In reality, they aren’t any different from you. In fact, YOU may even be better off financially!

The key to a life of abundance is the understanding that every story has a cost. Decisions are based on emotions, so the way you think about money affects what you do with it. The means to a financially secure future exist for everyone, regardless of sex, race, or social background.

If you want to fix your finances, live in abundance, and have enough wealth to sustain your family for generations, it only takes one thing, the willingness to change the way you think about money—your money nerve.

I invite you now to put your money nerve to the test so you can take awareness of any story that’s holding you back. Begin your new financial journey by taking our free quiz.

See if your emotions are affecting your financial life

See if your emotions are affecting your financial life

See if your emotions are affecting your financial life

The Money Nerve

Robert Wm. Wheeler, CPA

Uncover and understand your financial habits, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks around your finances to create a healthier relationship with money. This book dwells at the nexus of your heart and your wallet and will bring you one step closer to understanding why you do what you do when it comes to money.

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What clients are saying about The Money Nerve
What’s not to like about The Money Nerve? I liked the personal stories; those just seem to bring an uncomfortable topic, like money, down to the more human level. I liked the Call to Action segments at the end of the chapter. These make you a participant in change, not just reading a book about what you “should do.” I find this type of coaching much more friendly to learning and Robert Wheeler understands this. Wheeler also interjects a bit of humor in the book, but you might think he’s a psychologist rather than a CPA. I think he’s a bit of both because he definitely understands the human psyche. Good reading for anyone who has issues with money (and isn’t that all of us?).”

Lisa Thompson

Bob Wheeler is my go-to for advice on financial matters and invariably in those discussions of finance he has guided me in life decisions as well. I’ve struggled financially for years of as a professional comedian and single mother of two daughters. Now that I have achieved some financial success I enjoy continuing to budget and now know the thrill of saving money too. Bob’s own life example of frugality and then reward has been inspirational. It’s never about how much money I have it’s about finding what gives me joy and finding a path to follow my dreams.”

Vicki Barbolak

If you are looking to have an honest conversation you must talk to Bob!!! Bob came on my podcast “Road to Growth” and he was open to any question or insight I had about his life / business. Besides his honesty, the way he made the interview light and humorous allowed me as the host to breeze through the interview and before you knew it our interview was over. If you are looking for a dry and reserved CPA for your podcast please do yourself a favor and don’t reach out to Bob.

Vinnie Enriquez

I recently got the opportunity to interview Bob, and the experience was amazing! Compared to others in his industry, Bob and his team are, simply put, on another level. Bob is a fantastic speaker, and was knowledgeable about any and all topics we discussed. His team was easy-going and easy to work with, and the whole experience was fluid and amazing! Far better than others I’ve worked with!

Chase Guelette

Set your kids up for a bright financial future

Explore the first book in our Financially Fit Kidz series

Darius wants a dog

Darius really wants a dog! But, is he ready for one? Owning a pet isn’t all fun all the time. Darius must learn how to budget for things like food and toys. Also, how to make time for the dog’s needs.

Take your kids on a journey of personal empowerment as Darius learns if his dream of having a dog is a manageable reality.

The Podcast: Money You Should Ask

Let’s get talking about how to have a healthier relationship with money.

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Ease the pinch on your money nerve

Money. Cash. Bills. Income. Spending. Savings. Investment. Debt. Loans. Interest. Mortgages. Wealthy. Poverty. Broke. Expensive. Economics. Commercial. Bankruptcy. Most, if not all of these words create some type of feeling within us. By understanding these feelings and emotions, we begin to take control of our financial lives to have a healthy relationship with money. Checkout our lastest articles to help you on your journey towards financial wellness.


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