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Your story has a cost. So let’s change it.

If life is the sum result of all the choices you’ve made, the same is true about money. Your financial situation is a reflection of your decisions. So, stop and think. What decisions created your outcome? What drove those decisions? The short answer is your emotions, the Money Nerve.

Your past. Your beliefs. Your “story” has had a cost. And that cost is your current situation. So if today you’re feeling financially stuck, that’s ok. The story that got you here isn’t the one you have to move forward with. Let’s do the work it takes to create a lasting change in your life.

The Mastering the Emotions of Money program is designed to help you with the entire journey. From overcoming the mental maps from your past to realizing your money goals and the new financial you. Just sign up today and get started. It’s a decision that will shape your new reality.

Self-Study Online program

Mastering the Emotions of Money

• Surface outdated belief systems related to money
• Become mindful of self-sabotaging behaviors
• Overcome your fears and emotional blocks
• Create actionable plans and an honest budget
• Develop a new path to financial security
• Create financial habits that serve you
• Manage your success and relationship with money


Get started on your financial journey

  1. Overcoming self-sabotage

    1 week

  2. Mastering your story

    3 week

  3. Mastering your emotions

    3 week

  4. Mastering your goals

    3 week

  5. Mastering the new financial you

    3 week

The complete Mastering The Emotions Of Money program comprises 4 courses with 1 prework requirement for a total of 12 weeks. One core topic is covered each week and tasks pertaining to the topic are assigned daily.

For 60 days, students will receive new lessons with more than 6 hours of video presentations, audio prompts, and meditational sequences. Also, exercises for deep thinking and journaling. Each lesson must be completed before the next will unlock the following day.

Students also gain access to a private Money Nerve Facebook group. This includes Q&A posting and monthly webinars or virtual workshops with Bob Wheeler and expert guest teachers/speakers.

Course Descriptions

Master Your Money Story With 50% off

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Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Preweek: Mastering your self-sabotage

Are you afraid you'll start then fail? That’s no way to begin. Take this prework training course to evaluate what you want, what you have, and how you’ll see your journey through to success.

Week 1: Onboarding & online evaluation

  • Onboarding
  • Online evaluation
  • Creating a mental space
  • What’s most important to you?
  • Avoiding setbacks
Mastering Your Story
Course 1: Mastering your story

How has your past contributed to your financial present? Unearth what’s behind your money choices and interrupt any unconscious patterns that are currently hindering you.

  • Dig into your background and surface your beliefs about money
  • Reveal your mental map
  • Make a positive shift in your financial story

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Mastering Your Emotions
Course 2: Mastering your emotions

Are you unconsciously sabotaging your own financial success? Overcome your fear and anxiety around money so you can make sound decisions and improve your situation.

  • Unroot beliefs that are holding you back
  • Work through emotional fears and anxiety
  • Create a plan to overcome your challenges

$97.00Add to cart To purchase this product, you"ll first need to get the following one: Mastering your story

Mastering Your Goals
Course 3: Mastering your goals

Want to remove emotions from the equation and get practical? Analyze your saving and spending habits so you can create a budget, set a goal, and plot a new path for success.

  • Build an honest budget
  • Create an identifiable and actionable goal
  • Envision your success and take the steps to get there

$97.00Add to cart To purchase this product, you"ll first need to get the following ones: Mastering your emotions, Mastering your story

Mastering the New Financial You
Course 4: Mastering the new financial you

Once you reach your goals, your life will change. Learn how to go beyond the goals you set for yourself, manage your new identity, and keep improving.

  • Set a practice to affirm your success, not sabotage it
  • Manage difficult conversations you may need to have
  • Review and revise your goals so you can go even further

$97.00Add to cart To purchase this product, you"ll first need to get the following ones: Mastering your emotions, Mastering your story, Mastering your goals

Optional bundles with additional support

Get more help for your money with a bronze, silver, or gold plan.


eMail & Chat Support

  • Four Mastery Courses (lifetime access)
  • Email support and accountability
  • FREE program workbook (PDF)
  • Access to Money Nerve Facebook group
  • Does not include consultations

3 Private Consultations

  • Four Mastery Courses (lifetime access)
  • Email support and accountability
  • FREE program workbook (PDF)
  • Access to Money Nerve Facebook group
  • 3 Private consultations with a Money Nerve financial expert

6 Private Consultations

  • Four Mastery Courses (lifetime access)
  • Email support and accountability
  • FREE program workbook (PDF)
  • Access to Money Nerve Facebook group
  • 6 Private consultations with a Money Nerve financial expert

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What clients are saying about The Money Nerve

What’s not to like about The Money Nerve? I liked the personal stories; those just seem to bring an uncomfortable topic, like money, down to the more human level. I liked the Call to Action segments at the end of the chapter. These make you a participant in change, not just reading a book about what you “should do.” I find this type of coaching much more friendly to learning and Robert Wheeler understands this. Wheeler also interjects a bit of humor in the book, but you might think he’s a psychologist rather than a CPA. I think he’s a bit of both because he definitely understands the human psyche. Good reading for anyone who has issues with money (and isn’t that all of us?).”

Lisa Thompson

Bob Wheeler is my go-to for advice on financial matters and invariably in those discussions of finance he has guided me in life decisions as well. I’ve struggled financially for years of as a professional comedian and single mother of two daughters. Now that I have achieved some financial success I enjoy continuing to budget and now know the thrill of saving money too. Bob’s own life example of frugality and then reward has been inspirational. It’s never about how much money I have it’s about finding what gives me joy and finding a path to follow my dreams.”

Vicki Barbolak

If you are looking to have an honest conversation you must talk to Bob!!! Bob came on my podcast “Road to Growth” and he was open to any question or insight I had about his life / business. Besides his honesty, the way he made the interview light and humorous allowed me as the host to breeze through the interview and before you knew it our interview was over. If you are looking for a dry and reserved CPA for your podcast please do yourself a favor and don’t reach out to Bob.

Vinnie Enriquez

I recently got the opportunity to interview Bob, and the experience was amazing! Compared to others in his industry, Bob and his team are, simply put, on another level. Bob is a fantastic speaker, and was knowledgeable about any and all topics we discussed. His team was easy-going and easy to work with, and the whole experience was fluid and amazing! Far better than others I’ve worked with!

Chase Guelette

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