The Free Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Money

Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about money and focus more on financial freedom? 

A healthy relationship with money is freedom. It’s time to become aware of your personal decision-making process in order to create the new financial you.

Discover Your Money Nerve

Embrace your story; own your story. Be willing to accept that you might be partially responsible for your current state of affairs. Acknowledge your goals and make a commitment to go for it. Your Money Nerve may be keeping you from attaining your specific financial goals. As you become more adept at recognizing when your Money Nerve begins to surface, you will become more conscious of its existence. Becoming more aware, you can start to take control and empower your financial life.

The Core Emotions with Money

Some people say they don’t have any emotions with money.  Then they start talking about money…and the floodgates open.  Most adults having money issues are dealing with negative emotions.  The following articles touch on some of the core emotions, however, they are not a complete list.  Consider it a starting point for self-examination. 

Fears About Money

Now that you are becoming more aware of the emotions that trigger your Money Nerve, it’s time to address the major roadblock on your path to financial freedom: fear.  People respond to fear in different ways, and the results almost invariably keep them from moving freely toward their financial goals. In order to come to terms with your Money Nerve, you will need to face your fears.

Being Truthful with Yourself

To try to prove they are good enough, some people tell financial lies. The most damaging lies are the ones that you tell yourself. Be honest with yourself. You have to commit to the work in order for change to happen. Here’s the great news: if you do the work, you’ll change your financial future. You can do it.

How to Come to Terms with Your Money Nerve

Our financial reality is more than just dollars and cents. We are sentient beings governed by a combination of emotions and facts. As is true with all types of emotions, our Money Nerve, when pinched, can also get the best of us. There is no one answer to this dilemma. Emotions are fluid and change over time.

Assess Your Budget

It’s time to look at income and expense budgeting, time budgeting and hidden costs. When you do these things, it is really important to be honest with yourself. What do you really earn? What do you really spend? What do you present is not relevant to your budget?