Is Your Money Nerve Being Pinched? 

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When it comes to our money and finances, we all have one question.

What is the best thing I can do with my money?


Not knowing how to answer this question leaves us feeling frustrated and lost.
The Money Nerve is here to help you find out what the best thing is for your specific situation through articles written by Bob Wheeler, experts in their fields of study, and by our team.

You will find great articles and practical tips on ways to save more money and plan for your future, and we also tackle the emotional side of your finances. When you become aware of the connection between the practical and emotional aspects of your finances, life will change.

Whether you want more information on starting an emergency fund, saving towards retirement, or just looking for ways to think and feel differently towards money; there is something here for everyone!

Bob’s Latest Blog Posts

Money Mindset: the Key to Calm Finances

Money mindset? What the heck is that? It’s not all about dollars and cents and how we should manage our money even though they are essential factors. To truly understand our money mindset, we need to examine our belief system to consciously understand our financial choices and figure out what drives our decisions

How Kids Can Form A Healthy Relationship With Money

Rewriting the narrative and passing down your knowledge and healthy financial habits to children is a great goal to adopt as a parent. A poll by CNBC and Momentive concluded that the, “Majority of parents (83%) say parents are responsible…

How to Make the Most of Your Tax Refund

As an employee, you know that taxes are automatically withheld from your salary before being credited. But, it is often the case that the withholdings exceed your tax liability. When this happens, expect to receive a tax refund in the weeks following your tax filing.

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More Posts From Our Archive

Saving Money in Clear Banks

If you did not learn any money skills from your parents, many financial therapists advise using a clear bank or large jar as an excellent way to begin saving money.

Where Did Your Money Go?

Have you ever wondered where your money went? At one point in time, you were cashed up and then at a blink of an eye it vanished. Listen as Bob discusses The Money Nerve concept to get some ideas about how this phenomenon happens.