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Why we do what we do when it comes to money

Money You Should Ask, Money you should ask podcast, bob wheeler

Money You Should Ask is a weekly podcast that delves into the nitty-gritty aspects of life, money, success and abundance. Host Bob Wheeler, talks candidly with guests from all walks of life-from the average Joe to the outrageous celebrity, radiating his infectious curiosity around money and life.

Listen in as Bob delves deep into each guest’s unique journey exploring money beliefs, money blocks, and sharing their extraordinary successes & challenges in life and career.

Money You Should Ask 

Latest Episodes

Lead With Purpose cover art with Paulo Sellitti

Lead With Purpose. Paulo Sellitti

The stories we believe shape what we achieve, yet rarely do we question the narratives that we tell ourselves. Our guest Paolo Selletti assists purpose-driven clients in clarifying the narratives that form their reality. By getting to the heart of...
Ignite your financial potential episode cover. with Fincon image

Ignite Your Financial Potential. FinCon 23

in this episode of Money You Should Ask, recorded at FinCon 2023 in New Orleans. I roamed the halls of the nation's biggest personal finance conference, getting up close and personal with attendees and speakers to uncover their deepest money beliefs biggest money mistakes, and most insightful money lessons learned.
Money You Should Ask Episode 269 cover art with Bob and guest Virginia Elder. momprenuer, balancing businesses, motherhood and money

Balancing Business, Motherhood & Money as a Momprenuer. Virginia Elder

Do you feel like a circus performer, frantically juggling motherhood, business, and personal finances? Our guest Virginia Elder has lived this struggle. She joined me at FinCon 2023 to share her story. While raising infants, coping with family crises,...

Ask Pocket Bob!

What money beliefs do you want to change?

We all have burning money questions that we wish we had answers to! Whether it’s overcoming financial fears, breaking bad money habits, or improving relationships around money, we could all use some thoughtful advice.

That’s why we want to hear YOUR biggest unanswered money question for an upcoming episode. Click on the “Start recording button” and share your concerns, curiosities, and confusions around all things money and mindset. And Bob will provide tips and solutions to help you and our audience move through any financial blocks and fears for a healthier relationship with money.

What Listeners Are Saying

{The pay attention, not interest episode is too good.
Israel Pastrana
via Apple Podcasts, USA
{I just started listening to this podcast. After listening to this podcast I couldn't resist leaving a review. Because it inspires me so much I can't express it in words. So I would say if anyone wants to improve in life they should listen to this podcast. Because this podcast will help a lot to bring about his success. Love you, Bob Wheeler for making this amazing content. Keep it up.
Brittany Golden 02
Via Apple Podcasts, USA
{Host Bob Wheeler gives an uplifting voice to conversations about money, a subject most people shy away from… With the voice of an entertainer, Bob draws listeners in and makes his guests feel comfortable. If you are seeking motivation to create a healthy relationship with money, this podcast is a must-listen. Add it to your favorites, and take it with you on your next drive.
Via Apple Podcasts, USA
{Bob and his guests are able to break down important financial concepts in an entertaining and relatable way. It was a delight to be invited as a guest. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat!
Rachael Burns
Via Apple Podcasts, USA

Wonderful Podcast. Fun, insightful and authentic. Every show offers some nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

Big Dog from NY
Via Apple Podcasts, USA

Excellent host. Bob is authentic, transparent and funny! He asks great questions and truly has a heart for helping others. I highly recommend tuning in and taking notes!

Via Apple Podcasts, USA
Money Money Money! Bob is on to something here. The tabu topic of money truly uncovers the core of who we are. The more we talk about it the more we learn about ourselves. Bravo Bob!
Inge Sdrast
Via Apple Podcasts, USA
Bob is a true expert. Bob is not only brilliant when it comes to all things money, but he’s also a very insightful podcast host who’s great at listening; that’s a rare thing! A+ show, keep it up!
Alex J Sanfilippo
Via Apple Podcasts, USA

Meet the host

Bob Wheeler CPA

Certified CPA, Speaker, Author and CFO of The World-Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Bob is a man of true integrity with an infectious energy whose simple and effective concept for creating a healthy relationship with money has transformed the financial lifestyle for thousands of people. A speaker at various conferences on tax law changes, Bob is also a popular radio guest and speaker, sharing his concept of personal finance via interviews, radio shows and podcasts.

His passion is to help people gain insight about how emotions trigger and often sabotage financial decisions. His book, The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money, explores the emotions surrounding money management and helps people to be proactive about exploring unhealthy emotional habits and learning to make intentional decisions. Bob conducts Radical Abundance and Money at its CORE seminars internationally and throughout the USA.

Bob brings a unique perspective (with wit and humor) to the subject of personal success and finance with Money You Should Ask.