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You deserve a healthy relationship with money!

Developing positive money habits and a growth mindset around finances can help you achieve financial wellbeing, stability, and peace of mind. Now, that is Financial Freedom!

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Free tools to take control of your money mindset

We offer free online tools including a money quiz, budget calculators, guided meditations, and more to help you gain awareness around your emotions and money habits so you can start building financial confidence today.

Honest budget calculator


Don’t Judge it! Put it in Your Budget. This tool allows you to see exactly where you are each month with your finances. All it takes is a little time to input your expenses and in a click of a button you can see where you are at financially. Use our online calculator or download our .pdf for regular use.

Guide to a healthy relationship with money

Developing healthy financial habits and a positive mindset around money is important, but it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this multi-part guide on building a healthy relationship with money.

The Money Nerve quiz


Small insights can lead to big transformation. Take our free quiz  to find your money blind spots, shift unhelpful money habits, and set yourself up to be free from money anxiety. The path to money peace of mind starts with understanding your own Money Nerve – take control of your financial wellbeing and take the quiz now!

Recommended reading

Bob loves to read. Some of the books Bob recommends are:

Uncovering Your True Self Meditation

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Online Courses with The Money Nerve Academy

We offer a range of online courses that can help you overcome your money blocks and limiting beliefs around finances. From budgeting basics to mindset shifts, our step by step tutorials, practical video lessons and audio guides will give you the knowledge and tools to completely transform your relationship with money.

It’s time to overcome self-sabotage and transform your relationship with money – get the Overcoming Self-Sabotage module free today!

Pre Course (Free) Overcoming Self Sabotage


Mastering your story


Mastering your emotions


Mastering your goals


Mastering the new financial you