Master a positive money mindset

Often, the story we tell ourselves is what influences our decisions and keeps us away from a life of abundance. Shifting to a positive money mindset is the key to radical change. But sometimes, it takes help from someone to show you how.

That’s why The Money Nerve offers workshops and group coaching events with Bob Wheeler. Bob will help you identify the root of your financial problems so you can experience transformational success. Sign up for a group coaching event today.



Radical Abundance:

Radiate Health and Wealth

Live, One-day Intensive for Artists and Creatives – West Hollywood

Conference runs from 9:30AM – 4PM PST

Location: The Comedy Store, 8433 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood CA, 90069

Date: Sun. Oct 29, 2023


Pursuing careers as artists, musicians, actors, and other creative professionals, understanding your money mindset is absolutely critical. Unlike more traditional jobs with steady paychecks, your income as a creative directly correlates with what you believe you deserve and are willing to charge for your talents. If you cling to limiting beliefs like “artists should struggle” or “I don’t feel right charging that much,” you will likely under-price yourself, miss opportunities, and attract financial struggle.

To build an abundant arts business doing work you love, you must first get clear on your underlying money beliefs and adopt an empowered mindset that gives you permission to prosper.

Radiate Health & Wealth will provide creatives with tools to identify and rewrite limiting money beliefs holding them back as well as cultivate a wealth mindset that opens the door to turning their gifts into generous, consistent income. When you clear your money blocks and know deeply that you deserve financial success, you unleash creative wealth.

 What you’ll do in this workshop

  • Explore unhealthy emotional habits and beliefs around money, success, and self-worth
  • Gain insight into your emotional triggers and how they can block your financial growth as an artist
  • Tap into the potential for multiple streams of income
  • Learn how to value your talents and set profitable rates
  • Map a financial goal and develop a plan to achieve it
  • Build confidence and skills to become a money making artist
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Course Curriculum

01 - Introductions

Our group is a safe space to share your beliefs and background. We start with an icebreaker activity to get a pulse on the energy you're putting out, then discuss how you may already be setting yourself up to fail. These activities, foster trust and support and ensure everyone gets off to a great start.

  • Group intros
  • Owning your energy
  • Overcoming self-sabotage

02 - Awareness

Reaching your full potential begins with awareness of your limitations. We dig into limiting beliefs that you may have unconsciously internalized from your parents and past traumas and reveal how they're affecting your financial decisions.

  • Break your bloodline beliefs
  • Lose the blame game
  • Get ready to receive
  • Self-worth vs net worth

03 - Goal Setting

Getting what you want starts with a vision. You gotta name it to claim it. We help you envision goals for your success and remove the limiting beliefs keeping you from them.

  • Let go of limitations
  • Set achievable goals

04 - Manage Inward

Are you aware of the fears, beliefs, and emotional triggers, sabotaging your financial success? Through mindfullness exercises and journaling, we reflect on the story that got you here and create a new one that moves you forward.

  • Childhood reflections - guided meditation in discussion
  • Future-life projection - guided meditation and discussion
  • Journaling to overcome the barriers in between

05 - Change Outward

You've done the deep work now learn how to manage difficult financial challenges and set personal boundaries so you can reach your goals without being discouraged or deterred. Voice yourself in the positive.

  • Role-play difficult conversations
  • Constellations

06 - Reintegration

Identity change can result from a newfound belief in abundance. To conclude the day, we will validate your self-worth, beliefs, and commitment to change so you can stay strong and confident on your journey forward.

  • You are enough
  • You got this

Radical Abundance – Weekend Intensive

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Virtual, three-day workshop via Zoom

Conference runs from: Friday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST, Sat 9:30AM – 4PM PST & Sun 10 AM to 2PM PST

Dates: Dec. 15 – 17, 2023 | Mar 16- 18, 2024 | June 15- 17, 2024

A positive money mindset can attract abundance in all aspects of your life—including finances. The more you can view your present reality as the result of your stories and emotional decisions, the more options you’ll have for financial growth.

This three-day virtual workshop delves deeper into your psyche than the one-day intensive workshop. You’ll work in-depth on personal exercises from the comfort of your home while directly collaborating with Bob Wheeler and his team over Zoom.

By examining the impact of your patterns, misconceptions, and self-imposed beliefs on your finances, you’ll learn how they influence your decisions and affect your overall well-being—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You’ll develop a positive money mindset and move forward to achieve a new financial you.

What you’ll do in this workshop

  • Discover the relationship between money and emotions and review your unconscious, call beliefs around money, success, and self-worth
  • Gain insight into your emotional triggers and how they are sabotaging your financial decisions
  • Explore the unhealthy emotional habits surrounding your money management behaviors, and become proactive about removing those emotions from your decisions
  • Map of financial goal and develop a plan to achieve it



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Course Curriculum
Day 1
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST

Transform your energy

No intros. No holding back. It's going to be an evening of introspection as we jump right into the heart of change. Together, will explore the energy we bring forward and unearth, the limiting beliefs holding us back. The key to abundance is a positive money mindset. Once we recognize the unhelpful stories, we tell ourselves, we can create a narrative to pursue an abundant financial future.

Examples of exercises

  • Infuse yourself with new energy
  • Establish a safe space for your work
  • Discover how to relate to money
  • Financial persona shift
  • Overcome self-sabotage
  • Explore gender and finance
  • Face your personal narrative
  • Embrace vulberability
Day 2
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM PST

Let go of what holds you back

This day is dedicated to exploring the roots of your relationship with money. Guided by meditation and introspection, the days exercises will surface family and societal beliefs influencing your attitude and decisions. By embracing your desires, and releasing your limitations, we will set the stage for your new financial reality and map the path.

Examples of exercises

  • Explore how your perceptions of money were influenced by: your family. Your childhood. Society.
  • The Blame Game
  • Money Reach: Receiving Exercise
  • Claim what you want
  • Give it up: let go of financial limits
Day 3
10:00 AM - 1:30 PM PST

Map your success plan

This final day, aligns your financial aspirations with practical strategies and breaks down the barriers between them. We start in a guided meditation to foster inner clarity, then dive into budgeting. You'll link your financial goals to a budget to ground them in reality. Finally, will dissect your money fears and get to the root of what's keeping you from abundance so you can move past it.

Examples of exercises

  • Guided Meditation: Finding Clarity
  • Budgeting and reflection
  • Goal setting and financial mapping
  • Collaborative group work
  • Managing difficult conversations, outside voices, and mindset
  • Mastering the new abundant you

What clients are saying about The Money Nerve

What’s not to like about The Money Nerve? I liked the personal stories; those just seem to bring an uncomfortable topic, like money, down to the more human level. I liked the Call to Action segments at the end of the chapter. These make you a participant in change, not just reading a book about what you “should do.” I find this type of coaching much more friendly to learning and Robert Wheeler understands this. Wheeler also interjects a bit of humor in the book, but you might think he’s a psychologist rather than a CPA. I think he’s a bit of both because he definitely understands the human psyche. Good reading for anyone who has issues with money (and isn’t that all of us?).”

Lisa Thompson

Bob Wheeler is my go-to for advice on financial matters and invariably in those discussions of finance he has guided me in life decisions as well. I’ve struggled financially for years of as a professional comedian and single mother of two daughters. Now that I have achieved some financial success I enjoy continuing to budget and now know the thrill of saving money too. Bob’s own life example of frugality and then reward has been inspirational. It’s never about how much money I have it’s about finding what gives me joy and finding a path to follow my dreams.”

Vicki Barbolak

If you are looking to have an honest conversation you must talk to Bob!!! Bob came on my podcast “Road to Growth” and he was open to any question or insight I had about his life / business. Besides his honesty, the way he made the interview light and humorous allowed me as the host to breeze through the interview and before you knew it our interview was over. If you are looking for a dry and reserved CPA for your podcast please do yourself a favor and don’t reach out to Bob.

Vinnie Enriquez

I recently got the opportunity to interview Bob, and the experience was amazing! Compared to others in his industry, Bob and his team are, simply put, on another level. Bob is a fantastic speaker, and was knowledgeable about any and all topics we discussed. His team was easy-going and easy to work with, and the whole experience was fluid and amazing! Far better than others I’ve worked with!

Chase Guelette

Personal Transformation Groups

bob wheeler, robert wheeler cpa,

The Money Mentors

Personal Development – Closed Group

Three month group. Meets Wednesdays (Biweekly) 7 PM – 9 PM PST – Zoom

Sept, 2023  |  Dec,2023  |  Mar, 2024  |  June 2024

Embark on your journey towards financial empowerment under the guidance of like-minded individuals, understand your path. Join Bob Wheeler, and a team of expert development specialists in this biweekly online event that delves into the emotional facets of your financial goals and decisions. A profound experience, this will be the deepest work you’ve ever done in terms of money and life transformation.

  • Take more risks in moving forward with your life’s passions
  • Afford more possibilities for achieving abundance
  • Be prepared in more ways than ever for this coming years, financial planning and tax return results


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Group leaders and facilitators

bob wheeler, robert wheeler cpa,

Bob Wheeler, CPA, CPRA, CCEP

Bob Wheeler is a multi-certified professional with designations including CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CPRA (Certified Radical Aliveness Practitioner), and CCEP (Certified Core Energetics Practitioner). Founder of Wheeler and Bi CPA, he offers a fresh perspective on personal finance by blending accounting expertise with personal development, assisting people in understanding how emotions impact financial decisions.

bob wheeler, robert wheeler cpa,

Liam Blume, CPRA

Liam Blume is the Founder of SoulWork LA, Somatic Practitioner, Certified Radical Aliveness Practitioner, Group Counselor, US Belt T’Shuvah Treatment Center, Association for Body Psychotherapy Member, Marketing Director/Content Curator for Somatic Psychology and Body Psychotherapy, Teaching and Training 12 Steep guidance with 30 Years of experience.

Esi wildcat,

Esi Wildcat

Esi Wildcat is a somatic facilitator, holistic, health practitioner, Shakta Yogin, and Ordained Priestess of Isis with over 20 years of experience, helping people resolve challenges caused by emotional, greif, anger, and despair. Using the power presence, she strives to improve wellness and aliveness in all aspects of peoples lives.

bob wheeler, robert wheeler cpa,

Peter Avildsen

Peter Avildsen is a business consultant and somatic therapist, who helps people transform their relationship with work and money he has work for start ups, small businesses, and corporations, and received an MBA from Northwest University.

bob wheeler, robert wheeler cpa,

Anthony Campanella

Anthony is a certified Thetahealing Practitioner and energy coach. He helps people transform emotional blocks and limiting beliefs around money. He experienced his own financial turmoil and bankruptcy, which fueled his passion for guiding others to rewrite their money stories. His down-to-earth style creates a safe space to unpack financial struggles.

Esi wildcat,

Aija Kins

Aija is a Certified Radical Aliveness practitioner and sees individuals, couples and groups in her private practice in Pasadena, CA. Aija holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and a BS in Education. She also works as a parenting coach to support healthy family systems. Check out her website movemysoul.com.