I believe that each of us wants to be successful, feel worthy about our life, and long to be financially secure. Why is it then, that the majority of us fear making money decisions? Many people feel like they are the only ones who didn’t receive guidance or “best practices” regarding personal finance. Do you feel that way? Are you ashamed of your money situation? Be assured, you are not the only one.

Have you ever gone shopping and one (or several) of your credit cards were declined? Do you remember your embarrassment as other shoppers witnessed your shame — when you left your purchase at the checkout stand? Did your heart begin to pound? And did you feel the heat rise up in your face? That visceral physical reaction is your Money Nerve.

Here’s another example: Maybe your company recently downsized, and you meant to start an emergency fund. But life is busy and you just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Now, your rent and other bills are due. Suddenly, you have little income, so you will be short on cash for the next month or two. You may feel panicked or sick to your stomach. In addition to your fear, you may also be angry at yourself and begin to berate yourself for being so stupid. Again, painful emotional reactions revolving around your financial challenges create the resulting anxiety, fear, self hate and nausea. This is your Money Nerve.

What Triggers Your Money Nerve?

Your Money Nerve flares up whenever your money choices create emotional havoc and distress. If paying your bills each month brings consistent pain and shame, it is time to face your financial fears. You can build a new financial path by developing a healthy relationship with money.

Instead of reacting with an automatic emotional response when faced with a financial challenge, learn how to harness your thoughts and create actions to ease your Money Nerve. 

I can assist you to become aware of your emotional triggers, share tools to visualize new options, as well as help you set thoughtful intentions before spending your hard-earned money. The benefits of controlling how and when to spend your money include peace of mind, calculated monthly expenditures and the freedom to make conscious choices. You can cultivate a life of proactive abundance.

Be Aware of Your Money Nerve

By becoming aware of YOUR money nerve, you have now regained the power to make bold and positive life-changing shifts for creating more financially successful outcomes. It’s time for you to enjoy your money — After all, your earned it!

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