Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about money and focus more on financial freedom?

A healthy relationship with money is freedom. It’s time to become aware of your personal decision-making process in order to create the new financial you.

Introducing The Course To Financial Freedom – Online Course Coming in April 2020

The course is designed to help you navigate your emotional response to money.  This dynamic approach to personal finances helps you:

  • Replace outdated belief systems related to money
  • Overcome fears around money
  • Have a healthy relationship with money
  • Create honest budgets
  • Develop a path to financial abundance

With compelling videos, lessons, daily mediations and journal questions, The Course To Financial Freedom helps you reconcile your relationship with money and allows you to make wiser choices throughout your life. While you reconcile your relationship with money, you may also discover unexpected benefits in other aspects of your life.

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The Course To Financial Freedom is coming in April 2020.

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“Bob is a real pro when it comes to helping you understand fiscal responsibility. His approach is honest and informative and thanks to his coaching, I am no longer knee-deep in debt. I would highly recommend taking his courses.” – Shawn Pelofsyky

Here is a look at What’s Included in The Course To Financial Freedom:

  • 12 weekly videos + lessons
  • 60 daily journal questions
  • Weekly meditation and visualization exercises
  • A complimetary journal to complete as you follow along with the course (digital version for anyone outside the US)
  • Access the peer Facebook community
  • Ongoing support from The Money Nerve team
  • After completing the course you will gain free access to the Graduate Track for continued education

What’s included in the Graduate Track?

You will lay a solid foundation to understanding your “Money Nerve” during the 12-week course, however, in order to continue to have an impact on your life, it is something you should continue to work on throughout life.  This is why we introduced the Graduate Track to help you stay focused on your relationship with money – and ultimately discover unexpected benefits in other aspects of your life.  Here is what’s included in the Graduate Track:

  • Access to a monthly group coaching call with Bob Wheeler
  • Access to monthly interviews with guest teachers
  • Continued access to peer Facebook community 

“Life-Changing! After declaring bankruptcy, I had so many fears around money. I couldn’t save and I was scared to spend it. Bob’s workshop and book showed me how to shift my fearful unconscious thinking, to being fully awake and what steps steps to take to change my situation for the better. I highly recommend this course.” – Anthony Campanella

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