Is your Money Nerve causing pain? Identify what causes your Money Nerve to flare up. Once you determine what financial choices cause you emotional stress, you can find new avenues for positive change.

One of the best ways to explore your thoughts and track your progress is to start a journal. Why? A journal gives you a good sense of where you are, review where you were a year ago, and assists you to investigate and plan goals for the future.

Breaking Down a Big Goal

Sometimes a big goal seems like one giant leap, but as you begin to tackle that goal, it is often made up of six, eight, or ten steps before you can complete it. Many small details are not always visible at first, creating a sense of being overwhelmed. Let’s make a comparison. Think of your current situation as a snapshot of “now.” We tend to make long-term judgments based on a quick glance at our life. It is easy to forget parts of the storyline, remembering only negatives or failing to see the full potential for our future.

You are so much more than your present situation! 

Begin Your Journal

To begin the journaling process, purchase something to write in, it doesn’t matter if it is a spiral notebook or an expensive leather-bound journal. Set aside a designated time to capture your thoughts. By investing a few moments of your time in the physical act of thinking and doing, you give yourself a powerful tool to initiate change. Journaling has been proven to create a more healthful lifestyle.

If your Money Nerve causes emotional stress because your finances are in disarray, don’t lose heart. Stop worrying that you will never attain anything better than the current snapshot. You are not limited to today’s state of your life. Explore your ambitions, dreams, luck, or love. Consequently, when you realize that you’re not comfortable with your life, you are ready to change.

Dream Big, Accept the Rewards

Use the journal to allow yourself to dream boldly! Start recording your thoughts. Write down challenges or roadblocks that have popped up. Document what successes (large or small) you achieve each week. Begin taking action steps, based on your journal notes. It is often easier to accomplish big visions with smaller, more manageable steps. As a result of more positive actions, the pain of your Money Nerve will begin to fade. Reward yourself for each small success. Acknowledging your small wins keeps you energized and focused on additional long-term goals.

Your journal becomes your roadmap for an abundant life!