Mary E. Kennedy is a woman of many talents. As a comedian, actor, producer, director, teacher and the toughest job of them all, being a parent, Mary is living proof that there is an art to balancing your personal, creative and professional life.

Some of Mary’s credits include the award-winning television series “Shameless,” a sketch artist on the talk show “Conan,” with Conan O’Brien and kicking butt in “AfterGLOW the 80’s Musical Experience” live show. You can also catch Mary performing at various comedy venues locally and nationally.

In this episode Mary shares what it’s like to go from “me” to “we” and moving past her brutal conversation blocks around money with her husband and family. She talks about the juggling act of balancing and fulfilling her creative desires while remaining true to herself as an artist and as a parent. @mkennedycomedy