Amy Engelhardt is an award-winning musical mastermind. Amy, a multi award-winning composer, vocalist, lyricist, master class educator and all-round creative consultant, has appeared in many theatrical productions ranging from a European tour of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Little Shop Of Horrors,” to “Shakespeare and Simon.” Amy was the sole female voice/writer/arranger for eclectic, Grammy®-nominated vocal band without instruments,”The Bobs” and she is an honorary member of the Vienna Boys Choir. Her award-winning vocals can be heard in her solo album, “Not Gonna Be Pretty” and block buster movies like “Jurassic World,” “Real Steel,” “Planet of the Apes,” Jim Henson’s “Animal Jam,” and Barbra Streisand’s “Timeless.” Amy’s list of credits doesn’t stop there, Amy was also nominated for Best New Musical for her Off-Broadway debut with “Bastard Jones.” And she is funny.