House hacker, real estate investor, entrepreneur, financial mentor and podcast creator, Andrew Kerr chats to Bob about the misconception that having a college degree equals success in career, life, and money. Sure, it may give parents bragging rights, but can you have a prosperous life without going to college? Ask Andrew.

After spending six and half years working in banking, Andrew moved into the nonprofit sector. He loved his job but struggled with the low income. Andrew faced a difficult life choice of going back to a job with a six-figure income that he disliked for financial security, or continue to do what he loves and struggle to save. Then he discovered real estate investing and house hacking.

Andrew is the founder of FI by REI, a financial resource aimed to help people with investing in real estate. You can also catch him on the House Hacking Podcast. @fibyrei, @househackingpodcast @fincon