Bob welcomes Aussie mother and daughter entrepreneurs, Therese AKA ‘Mumma Te’ and Teneale Clifford AKA ‘Lil Te.’ As co-founders of The Performers Path, they inspire and motivate performers on their path to success.

Therese has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years as a performer, and behind the scenes as an international talent agent, as well as a manager and consultant. Teneale has been acting, singing and dancing from a very young age. She splits her time working in Australia and the USA – on set and behind the scenes, as an agent, directing and consulting.

The down under duo talks to Bob about the challenges many performers endure. They offer a valuable set of resources for performers seeking the tools to essentially GYST, their mantra to success. In particular, they explore the “starving artist” theory. Therese and Teneale also reveal some of their financial beliefs, while examining core values that originated from their upbringing.