Have you laughed today? Twin sisters and laughter champions, Rachael Siegelman and Sarah Routman chuckle with Bob as they share the health benefits of implementing laughter into your life as a daily habit to help manage physical and emotional stresses. Laughter is the best medicine.

Rachael, a recovering lawyer, endured high doses of stress in her life. After re-evaluating her physical and emotional health, she trained with Sarah and became a laughter coach. She has since laughed with hundreds of school students, senior adults, staff and patients at Ronald McDonald House. @TheLaughterHabit

Sarah, a certified Laughter Yoga teacher with degrees in Photography, English and a Master’s in Adult Education, taught high school and ran two non-profits before becoming an Adjunct Leadership Instructor at the University of Minnesota and a worldwide Laughter Ambassador. @LaughWithSarah, @laughhealthy, @laughhealthy1

Rachael and Sarah, inspire, motivate and educate individuals and professionals to engage in healthy laughter for vibrant, uplifting and transformative shifts in people’s lives and in the workplace that lead towards better health and well-being. He who laughs, lasts.