Money You Should Ask has hit its 100th episode. Host, Bob Wheeler invites our first ever guest and fellow comedian Vicki Barbolak back to the hot seat as Bob and Vicki chat about the whirlwind changes in her life after appearing on AGT in 2018 and our first episode of MYSA.

Vicki was a voted fan favorite and was a top 10 finalist on Season 13 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Since then, Vicki has embarked on an international tour, appeared on AGT Champions 2019 show and Britain’s Got Talent Champions, all while touring her Trailer Nasty show, selling out shows across the USA.

Listen in as Vicki and Bob sit at the top of a hill in Vicki’s trailer park and shoot the breeze. Oh, and Vicki has a BIG surprise for Bob. Check it out! @VickiBarbolakComedy, @vickibarbolak