What do you get when you cross a comedian with a squirrel? You get our next guest, formerly known as squirrel lady, Betsy Salkind. Betsy is a stand-up comedienne, Author, writer, and actress. After a short-lived career as a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve, Betsy discovered her true calling in comedy. Alongside writing for the popular sitcom Roseanne, she has written and performed three one-woman shows, authored an illustrated children’s book called More Than Once Upon A Time and most recently featured in the Showtime special, Fierce Funny Women. Betsy is also is a paid regular at The World Famous Comedy Store. Betsy discusses how her skills in math helped her to develop a saving habit that enabled her to do a six-month trial run as a comic when she first started. Her healthy financial habits paid off, allowing her to stay in the game 30 years strong. One of her biggest lessons was learning to separate what she got paid as a comedian, to her true value as a person. Listen, learn and laugh with Bob and Betsy.