As an entrepreneur and business owner for over 20 years, Jason O. Myles has been blessed with a variety of unique experiences ranging from owning an automotive and finance company to building a real estate firm. His ambition and passion for helping people led him into being an educator, motivational speaker, and mentor.

Bob and Jason chat about the skill of having patience while remaining ambitious in driving toward your goals. Jason talks about the benefits of finding mentors and asking questions to help learn from others’ financial wisdom. Jason is motivated by the phrase “do today what most people won’t, so you can do tomorrow what most people can’t.”

Jason shares his insights about real estate investing and more on his websites, jasonomylesrenetwork.com and The Real Estate 360 Show. And if you have been thinking about real estate investing, take a look at Jason’s latest book: When There’s Blood On The Streets, a Real Estate Investor’s Roadmap to Winning.

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