Ira Meltzer is a mortgage broker and has been in the lending business for over 35 years. Known as “Lender To The Stars,” his clients have set multi-million dollar residential financing records across the US. Ira’s team at One Million Dollar Plus have funded more than $4 billion of luxury & ultra-luxury residential financing. He has learned precisely how to create, as Ira likes to call it, “propertunity,” by maximizing wealth and benefits for $1M+ funding homeowners through financing.

Bob and Ira discuss how he is in the business of relationships, and not transactions. He’ s not just a money man but the guy talking people off the ledge as he manages people through the roller coaster ride of getting a mortgage. Integrity plays a significant role in how Ira conducts his business, noting that he answers to a higher power.

Although Ira is the One Million Dollar Plus man, if you’re looking for any advice on a mortgage, Ira is your go-to guy no matter how big or small.