Episode 240

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Episode Description

Welcome back to another episode of Money You Should Ask, the podcast that dives deep into the the psychology of money, our personal history with money and the stories behind them.

Today and over the next few weeks, we are hitting the rewind button. This weeks rewind episode is”Creating Wealth From The Inside Out” with the amazing Michelle Arpin Begina.

Michelle is a Certified Financial Planner, but what sets her apart from other financial advisors is her expertise in the unconventional, non-financial aspects of life satisfaction, financial therapy, and behavioral bias, She believes that we need to examine our money stories and scripts to rethink what we know about money and have more of it.

In our conversation, Michelle shares her insights and experience to help us understand the psychological and emotional aspects of creating wealth. She offers practical tips and tools that can help us shift our mindset to generate wealth from the inside out.


For more information about this REWIND: episode, Michelle Arpin Begina, website, socials, or her Good With Money: Success Formula, check out our original episode page.