Have you ever felt a passion so deep within you to turn a dream into a reality? Troy Morris is a lifelong falconer, breeder, trainer, and Raptor lover. He’s had a dream for the last 20 years to create a place where everyone can be up close with birds of prey.

In this episode, Bob takes his pop-up camper to the Grand Canyon and bumps into an inspiring entrepreneur, Troy Morris. Bob chats to him about his successes and challenges in bringing his unique vision into reality. Troy’s original plan may not have included an RV park, campground, or Bedrock City (home of the Flinstones), but it turned out to be a great addition to his vision for Raptor Ranch. His go-getter attitude and passion propelled Troy to keep moving forward when he felt like quitting. Now, he is building the business of his dreams, a sanctuary for his birds, while providing all visitors to Raptor Ranch with a unique experience of Raptors, Falconry, and wildlife conservation.   And for all RV owners and campers out there, Raptor Ranch is a great place to stay. Ask Bob!   @raptorranchgrandcanyon, @raptorranchgc