On this episode, Bob chats to school teacher and financial blogger, Jamie Griffin. After realizing the $100,000 of combined student loan debt with his wife, created too much stress in their life, and knowing that teaching careers would not make them instant millionaires, Jamie started his first budget to achieve their dream of starting a family. They learned how to budget, made some lifestyle changes and paid off all their debt within 5 years. Jamie created a financial resource called Mr. Jamie Griffin to help other people learn to budget, save, and get debt-free.

Bob and Jamie discuss choosing life purpose and passion over profits. They reinforce the value of becoming intentional with your financial choices, including being deliberate with how you spend and save money. They talk about having ‘intentional’ conversations with your significant other, even when it’s uncomfortable, saving toward common goals, and creating a guilt-free spending account. @mrjamiegriffin