On this weeks episode, Susan Liverpool shares with Bob some of her financial journey as a single mother, registered nurse, poet, author and a creative force. She pulls back the curtain on her childhood on Chicago’s Southside. She opens up about the painful realization that as a black child, attempting to have a voice might get you killed, affirmed by the assassination of Martin Luther King. She talks about the struggle of trusting her creative voice and she talks about how she sometimes made financial decisions in opposition of her mothers advice in an attempt to not be like her mom. Her voice is a welcome sound to the conversation of money, creativity and life. Her words and music are not to be missed!

Susan Diane Liverpool is a semi-retired registered nurse, a poet, author and songwriter. She has published Visions, The Little Liverpool Diaries and The Lion & The Porcupine. She has written songs that accompanied her one woman show, Little Liverpool Diaries as well as a soundtrack for The Lion and The Porcupine. Look for it to be a children’s musical play in the future. @thelionandtheporcupine, @lionporcupine