• Would you like to make money and raise your kids from home? Entrepreneur, blogger and founder of Tried and True Mom Jobs, Whitney Bonds, did exactly that.

Whitney was a Marketing Manager in the corporate world when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Wanting to spend more time with her kids, she scoured the internet looking for ways moms could make money from home. After months of searching with no luck, Whitney reached out to other moms to ask how they got started. To document their stories and offer help to other moms, Whitney created Tried and True Mom Jobs, a blog where she shares tips and legitimate job opportunities for other moms looking to become debt-free and create an income while having the flexibility to raise their children.

Whitney and Bob discuss how having the support of her husband and being super focused on time management were crucial to her success. She shares how you can manage to have it all if you are willing to focus and put in the effort. @triedandtruemomjobs