Episode 241

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Episode Description

Welcome to another episode of our Rewind series, where we revisit some of the most impactful episodes of Money You Should Ask. Today, we are bringing back an eye-opening conversation with our guest, Simone Milasas. In this episode, titled “Unconsciously Comfortable In Debt” Simone shares her personal journey with overwhelming debt and how she unknowingly normalized it as a part of her life.

Simone not only opened up about her struggles with her finances and how she underplayed her money problems, but she also shares how she made a remarkable transformation by changing her financial story and points of view about money. Today, Simone is a millionaire entrepreneur, speaker and author with a thriving investment portfolio. Her story is amazing proof that it is never too late to start taking small steps towards financial freedom.

In this episode, Simone discusses her experiences with debt and shares some of her strategies for breaking free from its hold. She talks about how she reassessed her financial habits, learned to recognize the underlying emotions driving her actions, and started taking practical steps towards a healthy relationship with money. Her insights are valuable for anyone who struggles with financial issues or wants to take control of their financial situation.

So, buckle up and take some notes. Let’s go back in time and make sure “Unconsciously Comfortable In Debt” is no longer part of anyone’s vocabulary! Unless you are talking about this episode. Then that’s okay. That doesn’t count. 


For more information about this REWIND: episode, Somone Milasas, her books, website, and socials, check out our original episode page.