Episode 123

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Episode Description

After getting out of $30k of debt in 11 months, Diania Merriam, founder of The EconoMe Conference, podcaster & entrepreneur, used her newfound financial freedom to negotiate a remote working arrangement with her employer. She took a 2-month sabbatical to walk 500 miles across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago, where she was inspired to create her own business.

Bob and Diania chat about:

  • FIRE Movement misconceptions, assumptions, and criticisms.
  • Why we need F#@k YOU money.
  • The difference between being rich versus being wealthy.
  • Adjusting your money mindset without feeling you are depriving yourself.
  • Increasing your income while decreasing your expenses and investing the gap.

Diania is the host of the popular Optimal Finance Daily podcast, where she narrates articles from the best personal finance blogs on the internet. Take your financial literacy up a notch, check out the EconoMe Conference, (an event centered around financial independence and is known as the “Ted Talks” of the FIRE movement) and invest in your financial future.

@EconoMeCon, #diania_merriam

Why You Need F#@K You Money. Diania Merriam

Episode Transcription

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Bob: [00:01:00] Welcome to another episode of Money You Should Ask. I’m your host, Bob Wheeler. And in this episode, we’re going to explore, question, examine, converse, dig deep, expose, laugh and cry about the money beliefs, money blocks, and life challenges of our next guest. Turn up the volume, listen, learn and laugh.


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