The Money Nerve: Mastering The Emotions Of Money #1 Powerful Self Study Online Course

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Mastering The Emotions Of Money

Online Course

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The Money Nerve: Mastering The Emotions Of Money

This Money Nerve online course is designed to help you take proactive steps in consciously understanding your emotional responses to money. This dynamic approach to personal finances helps you:

  • Replace outdated belief systems related to money
  • Overcome fears around money
  • Have a healthy relationship with money
  • Create honest budgets
  • Develop a path to financial abundance

With 12 weeks worth of compelling videos, daily lessons, meditations and journal questions, our course helps you reconcile your relationship with money and allows you to make wiser choices throughout your life. While you reconcile your relationship with money, you may also discover unexpected benefits in other aspects of your life. Self study from the comfort of your own home.

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1 review for The Money Nerve: Mastering The Emotions Of Money #1 Powerful Self Study Online Course

  1. Janna R

    The Money Nerve is very well structured as it systematically leads us through our emotions about money (and life)! All of this is done in bite sized daily lessons with short writing exercises which help clarify our positive and negative emotions. The structure and cumulative nature of this process helps us identify and clarify these emotions, redefine and reduce our anxiety and other barriers to abundance. The final portion of the course teaches simple and excellent budgeting skills to help us actualize our dreams and reach our goals. The connection between emotions and action is maintained throughout the course. The tools are functional and designed for long terms use.

    I found the course to be very meaningful, powerful and effective. In fulfilling the title – The Money Nerve – it helps us to see that our money nerve is part of our overall emotional approach to ourselves and life. I especially appreciated the kind, and step by step process of cutting through the negative emotions, and enhancing positive emotions and goals. This is helping me to be more conscious about my spending and helping me to develop – and use! – practical budgeting skills.

    Janna R.

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