Online Holiday Shopping

Successful holiday shopping when shopping online. Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit the most substantial online holiday shopping sales numbers to date, with billions spent in 2020! Now you have the rest of your holiday shopping to do. Amid the frantic fear around Covid, minimal family gatherings, and required business obligations, some people still need to finish up purchasing additional gifts.

Why Is It Hard to Set a Holiday Shopping Budget?

Let’s take a look at how emotions can impact a holiday shopping budget. Many people get emotional about selecting gifts for family members and loved ones. Depending on the relationship, there can be fear , shame or unrealistic goals. The desire to buy an extravagant present is often in direct conflict with the reality of keeping your budget on target. Going overboard for Christmas, and beginning 2021 in debt is not your best course of action. Your budget for hoilday shopping is just 1 month pf your annual budget. Therefore your successful holiday shopping strategies help you keep your long-term budget for a better lifestyle in the future. Setting intentions ahead of time creates positive, conscious choices which allow you to be deliberate about your spending during the holidays. Explore some of the holiday feelings that may pop up annually! Ask yourself, “Why?” Are those old habits of trying to be perfect or always buying the “best gift” still serving you today? If not, brush away that family competition, stop worrying that you must purchase presents for everyone you know. Secondly, give yourself the space to give a gift of time, or writing a personal letter, to be tucked into a Christmas card. Be intentional when shopping for gifts. Schedule a Zoom call where you can spend “face time” with a friend or family. Finding ways to connect this year, could be more important than ever.

Intentional Holiday Shopping Without Overspending

Because many people equate overspending as a sign of love, you can easily wreck your budget when shopping for holiday gifts. Be strategic and intentional when planning your annual shopping trips. Spread holiday cheer on a personal level. The holidays in the final months of the year honor love, peace, and sharing. In these hectic scary times, it is harder to remember that. Let those timeless principles help you create more meaningful moments with your family and friends, who are most important to you. Give the gift of time. A thoughtful gift is often more valued than a last-minute or careless, but expensive gift.

Five Strategies to make Holiday Shopping more Successful:

1. Set aside $25-$100 per month in holiday savings. Spend cash. 2. Set your total budget. 3. Make a gift list and attach an amount to each person. 4. Take time to find the best deals. 5. It’s not the size of the gift; it is the thought behind it. There are many small and fun ways to show people you care!