Have you had a chance to join us on the Money Nerve Radio Show? Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about money and focus more on financial freedom? A healthy relationship with money is freedom. This first year partnering with www.DreamVisions7radio.com has been so fun and rewarding. The radio show has broadcast to thousands of people. In fact, we received so many requests for me to address people’s individual questions, we decided to make a change.

Beginning Sunday, April 24, The Money Nerve Radio Show will be taking your questions to explore personal decision-making processes and offer professional solutions to get back on the right track!

Learn what emotions are driving your relationship with money and create the new financial you! Listen to how others are facing challenges and managing money. Email your questions to me anytime at bob@themoneynerve.com. Listen and call in with your questions the 4th Sunday of every month at (617) 328-5702 or (866) 338-9663. Now you can define your “Money Nerve” and start making positive choices for effective financial decision-making in your life!

The Money Nerve Show will broadcast Sunday, April, 24 at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET.
Call in with your questions:(617) 328-5702 or (866) 338-9663

Dreamvisions 7 Radio: 1510am WMEX Boston
The Money Nerve Radio ShowBroadcasts Weekly Each Friday: Noon & Midnight PST / 3 pm & 3 am EST

As a CPA with over 20-years experience, and author of The Money Nerve book, I have heard many financial stories, good and bad; funny and sad! I have seen firsthand how emotions can impact financial choices and want to help you learn new ways to manage money. It’s all about making conscious choices and living abundantly at any economical level. You can also find me at the funnymoneytalks podcast with financial professional & comedian Sheldon Anderson on iTunes. Please join us!