Thirty years ago, success may have been defined as working at one company for a lifetime and being a loyal worker. I believe that today success can be found in the idea of increasing personal viability – searching for opportunities that allow you to grow within an organization, seeking new ventures and being open to emerging fields.

You have reviewed your inner dialogue and you are ready to define your concept of success. What steps do you need to take to fulfill your goals? Be prepared, there will probably be some frustrating moments.

Take a moment to assess your talents, your time and your budget. The more honest you are in assessing your current situation, the more secure you will be in moving forward on your path.

To turn around feelings of insecurity:
• Evaluate your social circle
• Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you
• Budget truthfully to know your current financial position

Your choices and accomplishments have gotten you exactly where you are today. This is where you wanted to be! Every decision you have made has led you to this place. If this is a shock and your “real life” doesn’t synch with what you say you want – this might be the very best day to formulate a fresh plan.

This is your personal space to make some Money Magic appear. You control the numbers and you define how and where you want to divert your money. Don’t let the media, advertisers, family or friends tell you what YOU want. Declare what is most important to you and create a roadmap to execute the outcome.

Take this moment to acknowledge:
“I am passionate about ________ and my goal is to someday _________!”

You will find that your timeline for success is built one day at a time as you execute small successful goals. Achieving goals consistently enables you to build a meaningful and prosperous life in your own time, even when roadblocks and detours pop up along the way!

Overall, you will be charting your own course with thoughtful intention. Your budget ebbs and flows as you invest in your future; planting seeds and making conscious choices to purchasing a home or taking that big trip; as you harvest the rewards. Living an abundant life becomes a way of life, not just a one-time destination.

Let your journey begin!